BOKEKI™ Giving Back to NWHM

BOKEKI™ Giving Back to NWHM

Dec 9th 2019

When Kelly and I founded BOKEKI™, which is a jewelry company offering “Dynamic Designs For The Creative Spirit”, we knew we wanted to “give back”. This is how the Give Back Collection was born. Kelly had a fabulous idea for the Give Back Collection. She suggested we reach out to the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) to see if they would be interested in partnering. Since the BOKEKI™ MMXX-2020 Czech crystals and leather bands are our first designs for The Give Back Collection, this seemed like a perfect fit.MMXX is 2020 in Roman numerals, and 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

BOKEKI™ considers the Give Back Collection “risk-free” because we do not require any purchase of inventory by our partnering organizations. Being that NWHM was our first choice and the relevancy of this collection to their mission is so apropos, we were optimistic that they would like our “risk-free” fundraising idea.

We connected with Sarah, at NWHM, who loved our jewelry designs, the designs relevancy to their mission, and our “risk-free” fundraising opportunity. NWHM was interested in moving forward and it helped knowing that BOKEKI™ can provide large quantities of bands at a donation of $5 per item sold which allows for significant fundraising dollars. The donations from the MMXX-2020 Give Back Collection will assist NWHM as they move forward with plans to build a museum celebrating women’s contributions to building our great nation.

We are proud to contribute a portion of your purchase to raising awareness of our gender’s significance to our nation’s development and culture. We are thankful for the suffragist, who were brave enough to not give up and always push forward to obtain women’s right to vote, no matter the personal cost to themselves.

In 2020 we are still overcoming barriers of many types, but together with time and perseverance we can take our diversity and turn it into a strength for all to be inspired. This year please join BOKEKI™ in giving back to NWHM.