BOKEKI™ About Us

Posted by Kim on Sep 16th 2019

img-3417.jpegHi. My name is Kim, and my business partner is Kelly. We are women who want to create change and leave the world a better place. We invite you to take this journey with us, and in order for you to better understand who we are, we would like to share the story of how BOKEKI™ evolved.

Kelly and I met in Carmel, CA in August of 2018. Kelly was working on some costume sketches when we struck up a conversation. I am an artist and have always been enthralled with design. Our ten minute conversation sparked a lot of creative energy between the two of us, so we exchanged personal information in order to stay in touch. Carmel is a charming and magical place, so it is apropos that the origin of BOKEKI™ was in this location, and it adds a significant twist to our story. The twist is that Kelly lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Texas.

We began our creative friendship through email and a few phone calls. We shared ideas, artwork, and designs. Within six months we knew a lot about each other personally and creatively. We decided to build a business together. In January of 2019, Kelly came to visit for two days and we made the decision to create dynamic jewelry designs for our company: BOKEKI™. We began design collaboration in earnest via email.

In June, the JCK jewelry trade show in Las Vegas was our next face-to-face collaboration. We gleaned the information needed to move our designs from paper to manufacturing. We found a USA family-run casting company who worked with sterling silver for our sterling collections. We visited with crystal suppliers to move forward with our leather and crystal designs. We found sources that worked to provide sustainability products both in the precious metal industry and packaging industry. BOKEKI™ found its way to production by attending this conference.

Now here we are almost fourteen months after our first meeting in Carmel, getting ready to launch our online jewelry boutique, BOKEKI.COM, with our original designs. We are two women who have empowered each other to embrace change and pursue this new dream.

Our MMXX-2020 collection is to encourage others to pursue, don't give in to doubt, stay strong, live your vision, and leave the world a better place. We hope you will feel empowered every time you wear BOKEKI™ Dynamic Designs For The Creative Spirit.