BOKEKI™ and Sustainability

Posted by Kelly on Oct 31st 2019

metal4.pngAs we launch BOKEKI™ we are showcasing our MMXX Collection which represents 2020 in Roman numerals. MMXX is a highly anticipated year with the historic celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Additionally, it is a big election year for our country and an Olympic year. It is our belief and practice that in 2020, companies and individuals will continue the journey to be more socially conscious and kinder to our planet. This has been the basis for our packaging decisions.

When creating the packaging for BOKEKI™, our mission was to make it sustainable and reusable. At the same time, we wanted our packaging to be unique and beautiful in an organic manner, so when we found the clam shell packaging it resonated with us. It is an unexpected presentation for jewelry, yet it speaks to consumers who care about sustainability. Our packaging evolved to include products like chemical-free muslin bags, tissue paper, and reusable ribbon.Our decisions on packaging materials for BOKEKI™ has been crystal clear because it reinforces our values, while preserving our brand aesthetic.

Ultimately, our hope is that BOKEKI™ customers will keep their packaging and up-cycle it in a manner that fits their lifestyle. The ribbon could be a bookmark, the tissue paper added to a bag for a gift, the clam shell and muslin bags could be storage for your BOKEKI™ jewelry. We are inspired to hear how others are staying"Green" and loving our planet.